Focaccia bread with olive oil and rosemary

Squash flowers, mozzarella and anchovies

Sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella

Culatello ham and buffalo mozzarella

Cacio cheese and pecorino, black pepper, pears, pork cheek and mozzarella

Shrimps, zucchini and mozzarella

Sauce tomatoes, garlic, oregano

Sauce tomatoes and mozzarella

Sauce tomatoes, mozzarella, anchovies

Eggplants, sauce tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan

Tuna, red onion, sauce tomatoes and mozzarella

Shrimps on beans puree cream, crisped bread, pecorino cheese

Tuna tartar with crisped bread served with fennels and lemons cream

Fresh octopus salad with sesame on chickpeas hummus and onion

Thinly sliced raw sea bass with pistachios and black truffle

Fried courgette flowers filled buffalo mozzarella and anchovies

Ham plate and soft buffalo mozzarella

Toasted bread with fresch tomatoes, olive oil, basel

Fried artichokes

Soft buffalo mozzarella

Grilled vegetables eggplants, zucchini, radicchio

Egg pasta with beans cream, tomatoes, with mussels, clams, shrimps and octopus

Tonnarelli egg pasta with little squids, zucchini, pine nuts and parmesan

Spaghetti with clams and salted mullet roe “fish eggs”

Fettuccine egg pasta with red tuna, radicchio salad and anchovies sauce

Gian tube pasta with tomatoes sauce, pork cheek, black pepper, pecorino cheese)

Gian tube pasta with eggs, black pepper, parmesan cheese and pork cheek

Fettuccine egg pasta with sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, peas, parmesan cheese)

Tonnarelli egg pasta with roman cheese and black pepper

Fettuccine egg pasta with fresh tomatoes, basel and parmesan

Tonnarelli egg pasta with buffalo mozzarella and radicchio salad, parmesan

Salted codfish with potatoes, artichokes, tomatoes and capers

Sea bass wrapped with eggplants and buffalo mozzarella philo-dough

Browned red tuna crosted pumpkin seeds with side soy mayonnaise

Fried shrimps, calamari and zucchini on bread crumbs

Black Angus of steak with caramelized pears and cinnamon

Beef steak fillet with mozzarella cream and black truffle

Veal escalope with ham, sage and white wine

Pulled veal with radicchio salad and walnuts

Roasted lamb with baked potatoes, garlic, rosemary

Chicory with garlic, chilli and olive oil

Artichokes cooked with garlic, parsley, mint and white wine

Savoy cabbage cooked with olive oil and salt

Endive with garlic, chilli, olive oil, dry grapes, pine nuts

Fried potatoes

Oven baked potatoes

Rucola, lettuce, fennels, radicchio

Shrimps, lettuce, rucola, pineapple and cherry tomatoes

lettuce, rucola, pears, walnuts, parmesan cheese

Rucola, lettuce, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese

Tiramisù made with eggs, mascarpone cheese, savoiardi biscuits and coffee

Ricotta mousse with caramelized pistachios and chocolate

Puff pustry with fresh whipped cream and chocolate

Sgroppino ice cream cake with lime, milk and vodka



Strawberries and black berries

Bottle Water

Bottle House white wine

Bottle House red wine

House wine glass

Sparkling wine glass

Wine list glass

(lager draft beer)

(lager draft beer)

(unfiltered draft beer)

(unfiltered draft beer)

Coca Cola, Coca Zero, Fanta, Sprite 0,33 cl.

Fresh Orange Juice

(non-alcoholic drink)







Black coffee


American coffee




Barley coffee


Camomile tea

Amaro (Jefferson)


(Averna, Branca Menta, Braulio, Del Capo, Di Saronno, Fernet Branca, Jagermeister, Lucano, Montenegro, Petrus, Unicum)








Moscato, Passito, Zibibbo

Grappa Bianca

Grappa Barrique




Whisky Bourbon

Whisky Irish

Whisky Scotch


Pane (Cover charge) a persona (a person) 1,5 €

*Per qualsiasi informazioni su sostanze e allergeni è possibile consultare l'apposita documentazione che verrà fornita, a richiesta, dal personale in servizio. Regolamento (UE) n. 1169/2011

*For any information on substances and allergens you can consult the appropriate documentation that will be provided, on request, by the staff in service. Regulatory (UE) n. 1169/2011